Thursday, January 31, 2013

Interesting that the show last night said the child was found where it was dropped off that night, or at least that it had been there from near the beginning.  And it also said that the discovery came two weeks after the pay off.  Well, this last is simply not so.  It was several weeks afterwards, not two.  Why is that important?  Because there is no proof the child was placed there that night.  Captain Walsh -- one of the first to look at the location of the body after it was discovered -- testified that there was no way he could tell that was the case.  If the child had been killed and kept in another place and then dumped out of the burlap bag it had been placed in, as was perfectly logical, it could well have been done later to bring closure to the case.  In another place, my blog "Case Never Dies," I discuss this point at length.  The place where the child was found must have been searched.  Indeed, we have the NJSP commander claiming the whole area around Highfields had been searched.  And if one looks at photos of the place, it is a perfectly logical place (at the time) for a quick drop off.  It was a place where many people must have pulled off, a widened out place in the road  -- either to relieve themselves, or to picnic -- it was a logical place to stop and "spoon" as necking was called back then.  And the corpse was not found deep in the woods but actually close to the road, within a short range of traffic.

All of which argues for a replacement of the body some time after the crime.