Thursday, January 31, 2013

Endgame - for the moment

This will end the first series of comments on last night's show.

It is perhaps foolish to disagree with a trained profiler on a key question of character, but one must enter some demurs about a statement that flat out declares that Col Lindbergh did not have a mean bone in his body.  He might have been a schemer, but not a killer.  First of all, I think I said perfectly clearly that I was not accusing him of being a killer -- but, indeed, as John Douglas said, a schemer -- for very big stakes, indeed.  Perhaps it was all worked out in detail.  Perhaps there was a slip up - an accident or a betrayal at one or several points.  I do not know.  Perhaps Lindbergh was a split personality, perhaps his instructions were not entirely clear,  Perhaps these very nervous guys were not under his complete control.  All of this is possible.  Perhaps we could enter the plea, "Will no man rid me of this troublesome priest."  I don't know.  What I do know is that anyone who reads about Lindbergh quickly finds out that he was a nasty practical joker, doing things that really hurt people. We also know, and it was acknowledged last night that he was very close to Nazi racial theories, and feared pollution of the American race.  And believed it was everyone's obligation to minimize that pollution, and to raise a whole breed of supermen.  He himself spread his sperm as far as he could.  I will not re-argue all this here, but it is in the new edition of my book, spelled out in less detail (I was allowed only 10 pages by the publisher) than I would have liked.  But the essence is there.

 More thoughts when I digest the material over a few martini's -- either shaken or stirred.