Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cemetery John on the Prowl

We get to see a scene at night in the cemetery where Cemetery John meets with Jafsie for the first time -- waving a hankie from inside the gate.  Now, the remarkable thing about this meeting is the length of time a kidnapper spends discussing his fears, confessing his mother would not like what he is doing, blaming others for this, asking if he will burn. Hey, how about nervous now?  Apparently not, apparently comfortable.  How the hell does he know the child has not been discovered yet?  (subject of next post).   Now, how do we know his name is John?  Well, Jafsie says that he said to call him John.  But --hold on -- in another interview, Jafsie tells reporters that the man would not tell his name, and so Jafsie calls him John.  (That's all in "Case")  So if Jafsie -- the master puzzle maker and solver -- is our source, we must ask another question, is Cemetery John interesting for a Freudian reason, turn the letters around and you have JC or Jafsie.  No, I don't think that Condon was talking to himself that night.  But that he loved to play games even in the most serious moments.  We do not know Condon's full extent of participation in this strangest of all cases, but we do know is that the only record of the conversations are those of Condon.  We do not have a transcript, we have a monologue from a person who makes up stories all the time, uses a variety of crude pseudonyms, and in general is close to a nut case - but a brilliant guy nevertheless.

Jafsie belongs on "Boardwalk Empire," where he could chase Nucky all around the boardwalk, and challenge him to handwrestle!